Ann WalesBiography

Since 2005, Ann has held the national role of Programme Director for Knowledge Management in NHS Education for Scotland, leading strategic development of knowledge management across the health and social care system. This has included delivery of the national online Knowledge Network as a national gateway to evidence, information and learning resources, definition and operationalising of a national Knowledge into Action model, and development of knowledge broker roles in health and social care to facilitate translation of knowledge into action. The constant driving force behind Ann’s work is translating knowledge into decisions and actions to improve health and care.

The UK Knowledge Mobilisation Forum provides a unique opportunity to bring together people from a wide range of sectors and backgrounds with a role in knowledge translation, to share experiences and learn from each other. It offers a valuable forum to help those of us who work in the specialist field of knowledge translation to “practice what we preach” – by sharing our knowledge, making connections that generate new insights, and supporting each other to work more effectively to integrate knowledge into practice and policy.


Defining & developing knowledge broker roles

This workshop will invite participants to share and reflect on the different types of knowledge broker role in their organisations, how to develop those roles and how to facilitate collaboration among knowledge brokers. It will introduce the multi-agency knowledge broker network model being developed through the Knowledge into Action Strategy for Scotland’s health and social care, and will encourage participants to draw parallels and contrasts with their own experiences. The workshop will facilitate dialogue around the contribution of “dedicated” knowledge brokers with a primary focus on knowledge translation vis a vis the many roles which help others to find, share and apply knowledge as an inherent part of a broader job description.