Sarah Morton


Dr Sarah Morton works at the interface between social research, policy and practice in a range of leadership roles. She is Co-Director at the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships where she leads a Knowledge Exchange team.

She is a Director of What Works Scotland ( leading on the evidence to action stream that aims to increase ways that local authorities can use evidence to develop public services. She is also the Knowledge Exchange Specialist for the Centre for Community and Public Health Sciences and an Impact Analyst within the University of Edinburgh and with wider projects. Sarah’s research has investigated the process assessing the impact of research on policy and practice.

It can be a lonely business working at the interface between research, policy and practice. As knowledge brokers we care that research makes a difference in the real world, but it can sometimes feel like we are the only ones. We have also learnt a lot about what works and helps in this fascinating and engaging area of work. The UK KMb forum is a chance to come and meet others who are grappling with the same issues and challenges. You can learn about effective practice, and help build new ideas. Be part of the community taking this growing and essential area of work forward.


Developing partnerships

There is broad agreement that partnerships between academics and other agencies can help to increase the relevance, usability and impact of research. But what is it about partnership that helps to facilitate use and impact, and how can we develop them effectively? Sarah has been working on a manifesto for partnerships between academics and other agencies. The manifesto drew on her research into a research partnership, and has been built on through comments and discussion at the NCCPE conference, the Scottish KE Community of Practice, and by colleagues in Canada and elsewhere. This is your chance to join the conversation.