Karen Ritchie


Karen Ritchie is Head of Knowledge and Information for Healthcare Improvement Scotland. Karen trained in lab-based cancer research before moving into health services research. In 2002 she joined the NHS to manage a team of health services researchers in the synthesis of evidence to support projects including production of health technology assessments. Karen now leads the team within Healthcare Improvement Scotland which provides cross-organisational information, research and knowledge management support.

Karen has worked closely with colleagues in NHS Scotland to develop the current approach to getting knowledge into action within healthcare. Ongoing projects include: a Health Foundation funded programme on measuring and monitoring safety; the development of evaluation methods for safety and improvement programmes; and sharing best practice in the management of rare diseases (http://www.rarebestpractices.eu)

In the arena of healthcare we are applying a wide range of approaches to knowledge mobilisation that we continue to test, develop and refine. However, we recognise the size of the challenge, particularly now with the integration of health and social care services and that we have much to learn from other sectors. This forum will provide opportunities to share our experiences, learn from those with both theoretical and practical expertise and so gain fresh, new perspectives to the issues surrounding getting knowledge into practice.